Wrack: Intents & Purposes :: 482Music 1050 (2006)

Wrack: Intents & Purposes :: 482Music 1050 (2006)

Kyle Bruckmann – oboe, English horn
Tim Daisy – percussion
Anton Hatwich – bass
Jen Clare Paulson – viola
Jason Stein – bass clarinet


“Bruckmann effortlessly occupies the space between jazz and classical music, generating movements of somber reflection one minute, turbulent intensity the next. From Morton Feldman-esque minimalism to Charles Ives-like bluster, Wrack has few equals. . . Historically, attempts to combine classical music with jazz often tend toward the programmatic and cerebral. Bruckmann’s writing sounds wholly organic and natural. With Intents & Purposes, he delivers an album rich with tricky contrapuntal writing, bolstered by unusual arrangements and intricate interplay. Whether Wrack qualifies as free jazz, chamber jazz or some other hybrid is irrelevant: this is music made by artists unafraid of genre constraints.” (Troy Collins, All About Jazz)


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